Frequently Asked Questions

Are the clients able to detect that you are using tools?

Clients feel the soothing warmth associated with the bamboo and also still feel your hands when doing many strokes, especially with the palm size pieces. Well into the treatment, clients often ask “when are you going to start using the bamboo?” The treatment has a very luxurious feel.

Can the therapist “feel” using the bamboo pieces?

Yes, you will be pleasantly surprised that you can “palpate” through the bamboo. You can feel tightness and adhesions in the tissue so you know those spots needing extra attention.

Does the bamboo stay warm?

Bamboo-fusion tools are made of 100% solid bamboo. The tools heat evenly and hold the heat well. The routine on the Bamboo-fusion DVD was developed so the tools are used in a certain order and rotated back into the heating pad so the bamboo stays warm throughout the treatment session. Friction from the strokes also promotes heat.

How do you clean and sanitize the bamboo?

In between each treatment, use anti-bacterial wipes that are safe for use on hands and face to wipe down each piece. Also change the pillow case on the heating pad just as you would your table linens. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties – it contains silica and is very dense.

How do you heat the bamboo for full body table massage?

In the Bamboo-fusion on the table workshops we use Thermotech digital heating pads with timers providing a maximum setting of 60 minutes and automatic shut off.

How long will the bamboo set last?

If properly used and cared for according to the directions in the package, the bamboo set will last for many years.

What is the difference between “hot stone” and “warm bamboo massage”?

Bamboo is easy to use with minimal set up and quick clean up. You can perform unique strokes (kneading, rolling, criss-cross movements) using the bamboo tools of various shapes and sizes. It has a luxurious feel (deep tissue or relaxation) that your clients will love!

What kind of heating pad is used and where do you buy them?

In the Bamboo-fusion on the Table workshops, the Thermotech electric digital moist/dry heating pads are used that are 14” x 27”. Available on our accessories page.